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Helpful complimentary modality

Reflexology for the body has existed for about 5000 years as a healing modality in ancient Egyptian culture and in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  While foot reflexology is most commonly practiced, reflexology can also be performed on the hands, ears, and face.

Reflexology is NOT a “feel-good” foot massage; it is gentle pressure which stimulates nerves in the feet allowing the body to completely relax and switch from the sympathetic nervous system — the “stress system” — to the parasympathetic nervous system — the “calming system.”

This switch allows the body to start its own natural healing mechanisms, which may lead to benefits like:

  • detoxification
  • improved organ and gland functionality
  • improved circulation
  • pain reduction
  • stress reduction

Since 80 – 85% of doctor visits are now stress-related, it is more important than ever to find ways to completely relax the body.  Reflexology provides this opportunity in any length of appointment time.  A reflexology appointment can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as 60 minutes; 40-45 minutes is a good place to start for most clients.

The typical foot reflexology appointment starts with the feet being washed; then reflexology work begins.  In foot reflexology we work from the feet up to the lower edge of the calf muscle.  Lotions and essential oils are often used (provided there are no allergy concerns). 

Learn more about reflexology by reading the article, “More Reflexology Information from Living Through Wellness,” on this website.

[Reflexology is a complementary therapy and should never be used as a replacement for proper medical care.]

Sessions offered:

Foot Reflexology

Only includes reflexology work on the feet.  This session can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 60 minutes – you choose the length of the appointment.

Facial Reflexology

This is a great combination of foot reflexology and facial reflexology that is appropriate for men and women.  A light facial mask is applied, and foot reflexology is done while the mask is drying.  After the mask is removed, a deep moisturizer is applied to the face, neck and upper chest area; then facial reflexology work begins in these areas.  You will leave feeling extremely relaxed and your skin in the face, neck and upper chest area will feel amazingly rejuvenated.  This process is at least a 50-minute appointment.  It is a wonderful gift to give and a great way to take care of you!

Ear and Hand Reflexology

These areas may be added to either appointment above or be substituted in the situation of a foot injury. As stand-alone sessions, these would be very short 15-20 minute sessions.

The R & R Session

This is the best of both worlds where you will receive Reiki and Reflexology during the same session.  Due to the combination of therapies, this appointment must be between 30 and 60 minutes.


30 minutes for $40.00; 40 minutes for $50.00; 50 minutes for $60.00; or 60 minutes for $70.00.