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Intuitive Services

Seeing past limitations to promote wellness

I offer a variety of intuitive services to help my clients and their animal companions live in a state of wellness. Please contact me to discuss your specific situation.

Animal Communication and Pet Wellness Consulting

Our pets need help with aspects of their lives as much as we humans do. Often, pets will reflect different issues that are occurring in their environment and they can communicate many things through intuitive readings.

I am a passionate pet owner and lover of most all animals (okay maybe not snakes, but I will give it a try!). I’ve been doing animal communication with all types of pets since 2007.  I find it most rewarding to assist an owner and their companion with resolving many different issues that may be occurring.

These readings and consultations in no way should replace proper veterinary care.

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Animal Communication

Animal communication can help find answers to:

  • Behavioral issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Determining how pets feel about their physical issues
  • How to help your pet deal with changes in their environments

What to expect from a session:

Pet communicators all work a little differently.  My preference is to work remotely with your pet.  I find that I get more time to communicate with them in a calm environment.

Through email, I will request pictures of your pets, a brief description of what you need to know from your pet, and a description of any issues your vet has already diagnosed.  Once I receive the information, I communicate with your pet.  Then, I schedule a communication with you either via phone or email.  My preference is to have a conversation with you via phone; I find it much more effective and much more interactive with you and your pet.

Fees: 30 minutes for $40.00; 40 minutes for $50.00; 50 minutes for $60.00; or 60 minutes for $70.00.

Pet Wellness Consulting

Please Note: Pet wellness consultation is for health issues already diagnosed by a veterinarian, and should not be considered as a replacement for proper veterinary care.

My animal wellness consulting experience (which includes nutritional advice, and suggestions regarding vitamins, herbs, essential oils, and flower essences) is mostly focused on dogs, cats, and horses. Making nutritional changes and incorporating other natural products into our pets’ lives can greatly help in the area of wellness.  I owe much of my nutritional knowledge to the experience of assisting my chocolate lab, Belle (December 1998 – March 2010), with her battle against canine cancer.

I would love to assist you and your companion with any issues you may be facing!  Call or email me to schedule your session today.  In special circumstances, I will make house calls.

Wellness consulting can provide you with: 

  • Herbal and vitamin options
  • Nutritional options for your pet’s wellness issues
  • Ways to use essential oils and flower essences to improve pet behavior and wellness.

Fees: 30 minutes for $40.00; 40 minutes for $50.00; 50 minutes for $60.00; or 60 minutes for $70.00.


Energy Drawing

Energy Drawings

Energy Drawings are drawings I do for people and animals which can tell you many things about you or your pet. These drawings show what energy exists and what the impact of that energy is.

Energy Drawings of People

Energy drawings can be done as an individual or for two people in any type of relationship (parent/child, sibling/sibling, friend/friend, spouse/spouse, etc…).

Often, before I begin I ask if there is a question to be addressed by the energy drawing.  When I do the drawings in person, I invite people to take notes.

When done remotely, I ask for a picture of the subject(s).  Once I have completed the drawing, I send an email response and a digital copy of the drawing.  Then the original drawing is snail-mailed to the person.

For a couple’s drawing, the process is the same except that the drawing focuses on the energetic exchange between the two people.

Energy Drawings of Animals

This is very similar to a pet communication session; it just adds a visual component to the reading.  I use an outline of an animal and capture the energy surrounding the animal.  It is particularly helpful in locating energy blocks your pet may be holding.

[Energy drawings are informational only and should never be used as a replacement for any type of proper medical care.]

Energy Drawing Classes

From time to time I offer classes to teach energy drawing. Please contact me for more information.

Fee Structure

Drawing of one person is $50
Drawing a couple is $70
One pet drawings is $45
Two pet drawings are $25 each ($50 total)
Three pet drawings are $20 each ($60 total)
Four pet drawings are $15 each

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Intuitive Readings

People and/or pets:

Intuitive Readings provide an alternate way of looking at people and/or pets to focus on a specific topic.  I read the energy about a situation and a discussion follows.


This has been particularly helpful to my friends who are looking for a house/property to purchase.  I ask for pictures from the house/property that is being considered for purchase and then do an intuitive scan of each room and the outdoor space.  I point out what catches my attention so that purchasers can ask more questions about anything from electrical to foundational issues.  This service is a remote service only.

Fee Structure: 

Intuitive readings are billed at $1 per minute.