Julie Seward Lazaraton


Creating personalized wellness programs in Indianapolis

In 1999, after a serious horseback riding accident left me temporarily immobile from the waist down and in physical pain, I began to educate myself about and pursue treatment options outside of traditional medicine.  Practicing Pilates and using naturopathic treatments and complementary healing methods allowed me to recover.  It took about two years of vitamins and supplements, energy work, Pilates, and sheer determination to be at a place of movement with no pain, but when I finally arrived I felt better than ever.

I felt so strongly about sharing these services with others that I formed Living Through Wellness, LLC, in 2006.  My personal mission is to provide a personalized program of wellness options for my clients at prices affordable for the average person. With more than a decade of experience in the wellness industry, I can now provide clients in and around Indianapolis with a broad spectrum of wellness services including Pilates, Reflexology, ReikiAnimal Communication, VoiceBio analysis, and Intuitive work.

VoiceBio analysis is known and respected worldwide as a non-invasive energetic assessment tool that helps you toward understanding and realizing optimal physical health. The sound of the voice represents the composite frequencies of the human body.  Each emotion, organ, gland and system of the human body has its own frequency that resonates to particular nutrients, minerals, and vibrations required for healthy function.  VoiceBio reveals frequency patterns in the body, which allows you to understand the root cause of a physical-emotional energetic imbalance.  Most people are amazed at the breadth and depth of information that is available through a VoiceBio session.  Contact me for more information on VoiceBio analysis.

My office and Pilates Studio is located at:

2804 East 55th Place, Suite J
Indianapolis, IN  46220

Sessions with me are by appointment only.

I have been certified in Mat Pilates since 2002, and Reformer Pilates since 2006.  I am a Reiki Master, and have completed a 200-hour certification in Reflexology (July 2013).

I hold an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University and a BA in Music Performance from the University of Indianapolis.  I reside in Indianapolis with my husband, Tom, and our two rescue dogs, Henry and Nina.

Please contact me to get started on your personalized wellness path!

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