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Living Through Wellness, LLC

Reflexology, Reiki, Pilates Training, and
Intuitive Work by Julie Seward Lazaraton
in Indianapolis

We are all different.  I believe that no one body is exactly like any other and what works for one person may or may not work for another.  That’s why, after listening to you describe what is happening, we both explore how to make positive changes in your exercise and your beliefs about your body.  Together we look at the challenges you face, and without judgment, find ways to help you overcome them.

Following the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, I am not currently offering any in-person services at Living Through Wellness.  However I continue to offer my remote healing services including Reiki.  For information on my Reiki Relief Sessions, which are complimentary for COVID-19 front line support personnel, please click here.

    Sometimes you can take small steps, and sometimes you can take big steps toward wellness. No matter where you are in your wellness journey, we start there.  And we celebrate all successes, whether big or small!

    I believe that living through wellness is possible at any age.  If you believe this too, then I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    I believe in helping clients exercise for a lifetime.  In my Indianapolis studio I using Pilates, I help people exercise in a way that helps them have better posture and form.  This helps to avoid injuries by building body awareness about when the body is in or out of alignment, and increases flexibility and balance to improve functional movements.

    I believe that because 80-85% of doctor visits are due to stress-related issues, the better one deals with stress in their lives the higher their wellness level is. That is why each one of my services helps clients address the stress in their lives.


    My mission is to provide a personalized program of wellness options, physical and emotional/spiritual, at prices the average person can afford.


    Pilates is an appropriate form of exercise for all body types, all fitness levels, and even works well for people with chronic conditions and various injuries.


    Reflexology is more than just a “feel-good” foot massage; it is a restorative practice that allows the body to start its own natural healing mechanisms.


    Based on the unseen “life force energy” (Chi or Ki) that flows through our bodies and causes us to be alive, Reiki energy impacts clients at every level.

    Intuitive Services

    Intuitive services for people, pets, and homes include: wellness coaching; animal communication; energy drawings, and intuitive readings.

    Essential Oils

    Essential oils are wonderfully powerful healing tools that should be handled with care and knowledge, especially if you are using them on your pets.